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Want to be a leader rather than a sheep? Learn Navigation skills on our NNAS level courses on Dartmoor's challenging terrain. Navigation sessions can be tailored to older groups who are looking to develop their map reading skills, although we also offer this activity to groups that are training for activities such as Ten Tors or the Duke of Edinburgh scheme in Devon. It can be customised to the needs of the group, ranging from more advanced skills to basic navigation for novices. We also run regular full weekend courses for Navigation that meets the requirements of National Navigation Award schemes, allowing you to gain a qualification on successful completion of the course.

This provides an opportunity to learn all aspects of navigation, map reading, compass work, and orientation. This session can be a full or half day and will include classroom tuition and moorland exercises.

Check out our other option of Orienteering, a half-day activity, which is available for our family activity breaks and for school groups.

Navigation Discovery Breaks: