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Geocaching Day

Letterboxing for the digital generation…

This fast growing new activity combines a treasure hunt with tech! 

Using a GPS or a smart phone with the right app, you will navigate your way to a geocache location and see what lies in wait with thousands of Geocaches all over the world in cities, mountains or deserts, this activity really is open and available to everyone. 

We will show you how to enter the Geocache world and teach you how to download new cache’s to your phone, or GPS device and how to use the device to reach the cache.  This activity is the modern version of our Letterboxing activity, which started on Dartmoor over 160 years ago, when James Perrott of Chagford set up a small cairn at Cranmere Pool with a glass jar where visitors who had ventured to the lonely, bleak spot could leave their visiting cards. Two of the oldest letterboxes lie close to Okehampton (Taw Marsh and Cranmere Pool).

Situated on the edge of Dartmoor, during this activity day we will find some of the cache’s and possibly some of the letterboxes which have joined the digital age and double as both a letterbox and a geocache!

Private groups sessions can be booked for the activity throughout the year.